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STICKY BONUSES: Beat the casino's crafty sign-up trick
During your adventures exploiting online casinos for their bonus money you will often come across bonuses that seem too good to be true. For example, Golden Palace offer a 200% bonus up to $200, with just a 4X wager requirement. The catch is that you can never cash the bonus amount out! It is for wagering purposes only. By the time you reach the WR if you are above your $300 starting amount you can cash out, but they will deduct the bonus of $200, leaving you with a small profit. And if you are under (more likely) then they will again deduct $200, so you will have lost money.

You'd be forgiven for wondering why on earth you should play here but I have devised a perfect way of exploiting these 'sticky' bonuses. Click here to view my full guide to winning an easy $4000 using this system, which can be done in a weekend.

SOFTWARE SPECIFIC STRATEGY: advanced strategy cards for different casinos
Increase your chances even more by using these software specific strategy cards. This way you can maximise your profits by squeezing every last advantage out of casinos which may use differing blackjack rules.

ROULETTE: The impossible system
I'm haunted by a paradox in regards to this famous old game. Following this simple formula, in theory it is impossible to lose:

Place one chip on a 50/50, black, for example. If you win, you get 1 chip profit, repeat until you lose. When you lose, put 2X your wager plus half (rounded up) on black again. Keep doing this until you win again then go back to 1 chip. So the sequence of bets if you lost six in a row (if six reds in a row came up) would be 1, 3, 9, 25, 60, 150. These numbers are rounded off as you can't usually mix up low and high chips, (so you can't have 69 for example). Alternately, to decrease the odds of using up all your bankroll, you can use the Martingale system which simply doubles up after every loss. A good sequence that I've been using recently is 1, 3, 6, 15, 35, 80, 170. In theory at least you can continue doing this forever and you would always be able to beat the house as there will never been an infinite sequence of reds.

Back in the real world, not many of us actually has an infinite bankroll to finance this endeavour. But if you have a fairly hefty one you can accumulate amazing amounts of money gambling that a long sequence of reds won't come up. Half the time you will be winning a dollar, the rest of the time you will be winning significantly more until you reach that improbable sequence and it all crumbles to nothing. However if you put all your winnings aside you should find that if/when this sequence occurs you will have earned enough in winnings to lessen the impact of this loss. The key of course is to quit before this happens so set a certain amount of games you want to play and make sure your bankroll will be more than adequate to cover any unlikely sequences. If you only play a few games you should make a nice little pot with little risk of ruin. Click here for a pop-up play roulette table.
roulette system

COUNTING CARDS: Tipping your advantage to 100%+
The pro gambler's greatest secret is counting cards at blackjack. It may sound difficult from what you have heard but it's actually as simple as adding 1 and 1. Basically you keep a running count starting at 0, you add +1 whenever you see a 2,3,4,5 or 6 (these are cards that favour the dealer and are no longer in the deck), and -1 when you see a 10 card or an ace (these cards favour the player and are no longer in the deck). This gives you an indication of which cards are left to play. If the count is positive, raise the stakes, if it's negative, lower them.

Now online, the cards are always shuffled but if you play at a casino with single deck blackjack you can still use the count using only the cards shown in any given game. There's no point raising or lowering the stakes as the deck is shuffled after every game but you can make slight adjustments to the perfect system which can push your advantage over 0% - or 100% including the bonus, and then it's worth playing on for big money.

RULE CHANGES: Adjustments to the perfect system
Firstly you need to ensure that you are playing single deck blackjack. Most of the casinos in the casino guide offer this version of the game. Even with the pack shuffled after every game you will still encounter situations (after splitting) where there may be up to 10 cards visible, that's a 1/5th of the deck, so you can gain a significant advantage in the long run. The table below shows the adjusted rules, the first example tells you to stand with 16 against a ten, when you would normally hit, if the count is above +1 or higher. So if you had a ten and a six vs ten you would hit because the count was -1. If you had 5,5,2,4 you would stand because the count would be +3.
counting cards in blackjack
beat casinos by counting
16 vs 10. Stand when count is +1
13 vs 2. Hit at +0.
15 vs 10. Stand when count is +4
12 vs 3. Hit at +1
16 vs 9. Stand when count is +5
12 vs 4. Hit at +1
12 vs 3. Stand when count is +3
12 vs 5. Hit at +0
12 vs 2. Stand when count is +3
12 vs 6. Hit at +1
9 vs 7. Double when count is +2
13 vs 3. Hit at -1
XX vs A. Insure when count is +2
CASINO KILLER: Hit them till they bleed
Once you have memorised the perfect system and the card counting adjustments without error you are equipped to really hit the casinos for big bucks. If you notice that after a long session playing this way (over 500 hands), you are significantly up on your initial chip amount then it is possible you have tipped the house advantage in your favour, even without the bonus. If you are pretty sure you have the edge then consider raising the stakes, and play on until you get tired, because the slightest mistake will start swinging the advantage back to the house. Remember - they are not expecting anyone to be counting cards at online blackjack, so they ain't gonna ask you to leave!

PLAYING OTHER GAMES: expand your horizons
Remember what we are doing here is stealing casino bonuses, it just so happens that playing blackjack with the perfect strategy gives us the best chance to do this. But as long as we can keep that house advantage extremely low then it is possible to try to take the bonuses using other games as well. Here is a list of other casino games and their house advantages:

Blackjack Single Deck 0.20%
Blackjack Double Deck 0.35%
Blackjack Four Decks 0.51%
Blackjack Six Decks 0.60%
Blackjack Eight Decks 0.63%
Baccarat Banker 1.17%
Baccarat Player 1.36%
Baccarat Tie (pays 8:1) 14.12%
Caribbean Stud 5.22%
Craps Pass/Come 1.41%
Craps Don't Pass/Don't Come 1.40%
Craps Pass 1X Odds 0.85%
Craps Pass 2X Odds 0.61%
Craps Pass 5X Odds 0.32%
Craps Pass 10X Odds 0.18%
Craps Pass 100X Odds 0.02%
Craps Field (2:1 on 12) 5.56%
Craps Field (3:1 on 12) 2.78%
Craps Any Craps 11.11%
Craps Big 6, 8 9.09%
Craps Hard 4, 10 11.11%
Craps Hard 6, 8 9.09%
Craps Place (to Win) 6, 8 1.52%
Craps Place (to Win) 5, 9 4.00%
Craps Place (to Win) 4, 10 6.67%
Craps Place (to Lose) 6, 8 1.82%
Craps Place (to Lose) 5, 9 2.50%
Craps Place (to Lose) 4, 10 3.03%
Craps Proposition 2, 12 13.89%
Craps Proposition 3, 11 11.11%
Craps Proposition 7 16.67%
Jacks or Better Video Poker 6/9/940 99.9%
Keno 27%
Let it Ride 3.51%
Pai-Gow Poker 2.5%
Red Dog - 2.69%
Roulette Single Zero Table 2.70%
Roulette Double Zero Table 5.26%
Sic-Bo - up to 47%
Slot Machines $.05 15.20%
Slot Machines $.25 10.20%
Slot Machines $.50 9.10%
Slot Machines $1.00 8.10%
Slot Machines $5.00 5.50%
Slot Machines $25.00 5.30%
Slot Machines $100.00 3.90%
Spanish 21 0.82%
Video Poker 5/6/800 5.00%
Video Poker 6/9/800 0.46%
Video Poker 6/9/1000 -0.07%
War Go to War on Ties 2.88%
War Surrender on Ties 3.70%
War Bet on Ties 18.65%

For online casinos these percentages are pure profit, and it is the bare minimum that they can expect to make off each dollar played. And that is only if every player plays each game to perfection, which of course, never happens, so in reality their profits are huge, especially as they don't have the overheads of a land based casino. That is why we have to hit them for these bonuses! They are just money making machines who make an average of $900 off every player who signs up!! At least in real casinos they will treat you like a king, bring you free drinks from beautiful waitresses, and sometimes even put you up for the night in a posh hotel! Anyway, rant over - where was I? Ah yes other games.

As you can see some of these odds are just too big to be useful for our purposes. However baccarat, craps and video poker offer acceptable odds for bonus stealing. Perfect strategies exist for playing all of these games and I will be producing guides to the best ones. Craps and Video poker systems are coming soon, (although if you know how to play craps, the best plays are given above) but in the meantime I have completed an exhaustive guide to playing baccarat covering every possible situation (actually there is only one rule), which you can see on my Baccarat page.

Believe it or not some of the less wealthy casinos (these aren't listed in the guide) are wary of us bonus hunters and stipulate in the terms and conditions that you can't claim your bonus if you play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, sic bo, video poker.. well the list goes on and on. And it's embarrassing frankly. They offer a bonus but say you can't cash out unless you play something with a ridiculous house advantage like slots. Worst. Bonus. Ever.

However there is a plus side. Because these casinos don't let you play the games where you have an excellent chance of winning, they have much lower wager requirements before you can cash in. Using the table above you can calculate whether such a casino is worth scalping or not. For example, say the casino will only let you play Pai-Gow poker, which has a house advantage of 2.5%. If you put $200 in and they bonus matched it to $400 and the wagering requirement was 8X, you would have to wager $3200. Calculate what 2.5% of $3200 is to find out your average loss = $80. Et voila, $120 pure profit. It's worth noting that these casinos generally offer the most generous bonuses, because they think they have the best of it. Just look up the terms and conditions to see which games they allow and what the wager requirements are and with this chart in hand, you're perfectly set to claim another victim!


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