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So how exactly does this work? The explosion in online casinos and their desperate scramble to compete with each other for customers has created a vast loophole allowing you to fleece the casinos for $1000's of dollars. Anyone who enters a casino is going to lose in the long run. They just want to get you inside and keep you there. But online casinos compete for customers by trying to offer the highest bonuses when you join, for example they will double your initial deposit, giving you $400 for a deposit of $200. Obviously you can't just cash this out, they insist that you wager a certain amount, perhaps ten times your deposit. In all likelihood you will bust out before you reach this amount. That is, unless you can sufficiently reduce the house odds to a tiny percentage, and that's what you can do playing blackjack.

In the seventies computers were able to calculate the perfect way to play blackjack against the dealer. Playing this perfect system allows you to reduce the house advantage from around 10% for the average player to less than 0.5%. So say you have to wager $2000 on a deposit of $200, using this system you would expect on average to be down against the house by 0.5% of $2000 = $10. You will have reached the point at which you can cash out with $390 from your initial depost of $200, a profit of $190!!

Who the hell are you anyway? Okay, before I go on let me introduce myself! My name is Dave, I'm from the UK and over the last couple of months I have made enough from this system to buy a new laptop, a holiday for two in the Maldives and an alarming amount of Moet & Chandon champagne! Why am I sharing this information for free? Well I'm running out of online casinos to try it on, there are hundreds out there but I prefer sticking to the more reputable ones. So by starting this website and hoping it becomes really popular, I can make some more money from advertising. So please click on the adverts if you want to support the site!

How can I be sure it works? Mathematics doesn't lie, you can try it out for yourself anywhere you can play blackjack. If you go to an online casino (check the casino guide) you can play their blackjack tables for free, play 1000 hands and check your play money balance, on average you will be down by just a small amount. The casinos give you free bonus money when you sign up and this will cover your average losses many times over - and that's how you make your money!

So, what's the catch? The casinos are making money faster than they can give it away. Once you're signed up they're hoping that they've got you for life, that you'll become addicted and start taking stupid risks. It takes a certain discipline to know when to quit and not carry on to add to your winnings or chase your losses. It's up to you to prove that you are not that dumb! Follow the instructions on this site religiously and you WILL become a winner, it's that simple.

How long will it take me to make money? Well this will depend on what stakes you play and how your luck pans out in your first session. I recommend you play the lowest stakes possible to start with as this will offset the impact of streaks of bad luck. You can make $100 profit in four hours quite easily playing low stakes, but if you are in a hurry you can raise the stakes if you want to increase the risk. Try lowest stakes at first while you get familiar with the system, you are extremely unlikely to have an expensive losing streak at lower stakes.

Is this risky then? No! Remember with a 100% deposit bonus you have an advantage over the house of 99.5%, if you stick to the system you will not lose this advantage. It would take very poor play and serious deviation from the perfect system to blow this edge. However you will hit losing streaks from time to time, not every casino you go to will give you a winning session. But for every casino where you don't win, there will be another where you triple or quadruble your profits. That is why it is important not to take each casino in isolation, you will always win in the long run even if you don't do so well at one casino. If you understand the math you will know how certain you are to win overall. Just make sure you concentrate fully on each hand and consult my perfect system chart before making a decision (you should have this memorised fairly quickly). Don't play tired, it's the little mistakes that will eventually swing the odds in the casino's favour.

Which casinos are the best? Fortunately I have already used the system against many of the top online casinos and have provided a guide to the best ones in terms of trustworthiness, bonus amount and minimum wager, so you don't have to get stung by a casino that won't pay out or who tinkers with the odds. You can view this guide here

Should I cash out as soon as I reach the wager limit? You should cash out about two thirds of the money in your account. So say you put in $200 and you're at $380, cash out $250 then keep playing with the remaining $130 until you get below, say $100 or above $150, then repeat or cash out the rest if you've had enough. This way you can maximise winning streaks and satisfy the casino that you're not an 'advantage player'. The casinos may try to make it difficult for you to cash out your winnings if you take your money at the earliest possible opportunity, it's just too obvious. What I do is put aside about $15 to use just for fun on the slots, or roulette, and leave the money in for a few days, just to be safe.

Is it ever worth staying in the casino? As a general rule, no. But there are exceptions. You may have heard of the trick that some people use in real life casinos called card counting. Card counters can gain an edge of over 0% against the house by tracking which cards are still left in the deck and adjusting their play accordingly, of course they will have to be using the perfect system as a basis. The casino will ask the player to leave if they are caught but they can't do this online so they make sure they shuffle the cards after every hand. However it is still possible to push up your advantage online even beyond the -0.5% average you will enjoy playing the perfect system. There are also workable roulette and video poker systems that you might want to try for some variety. All of this is outlined in the advanced play section.

Many casinos are now offering spontaneous free money to customers who stay with them, I have often received bonuses of up to $40 from a casino that I had forgotten I still had credits with! If I'd known this when I started I wouldn't have cashed in the maximum everytime. Now I leave a small amount in just so I can keep receiving bonuses.

Is it difficult dealing with transactions from all these casinos? If you're going to be visiting a lot of casinos you really have to get a neteller account. Almost all casinos accept neteller and it makes depositing and cashing in so much easier, it literally takes seconds to deposit or cash in. I really can't recommend this highly enough, you will save so much time. Go to to set up your account. Many casinos also offer 10-20% extra bonuses if you deposit using neteller.

So what do the casinos think of all this? Well, they don't like winners, they especially don't like winners who take their money and run - remember the japanese guy in the film Casino? But the online casino industry is now bigger than the porn industry, they are making money so fast all they care about is getting more customers signed up and sitting down. They hope that you'll get enticed by their other games like slots or craps, or will start to play sloppy and carelessly - you're not going to do that are you? If you don't you've got a virtually limitless source of income, it's the best guaranteed money spinner you're ever likely to come across and if you don't get your slice of it you're missing out on an open gold mine!

Any idea where I can get free money to play online poker? Well it's funny you should mention that! There's a website that offers a free poker bankroll to get you started on a money-making poker career with no initial cost. Combine this with our online poker guide and you should have no trouble building a large positive cash surplus!

I've made a mint, how can I ever repay you? I've been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I've been getting from the site - thanks to everyone who sent me supportive emails :) As some of you have requested I've set up a donation button which you can use to help keep the site running and get me a few extra beers per week. Click this button to make a donation using paypal or credit card:

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